Posting Rules

The users of are required to adhere to the below Posting Rules/Guidelines in order to ensure a pleasant online experience for everyone. reserve the right to immediately delete your Ads for violating any of these Posting Rules or if we deem your Ads are counterproductive to the interests of the

Please read through all of them carefully. Any users who fail to comply with the guidelines listed below would be dealt with a deleting of his Ads.

  • All Ads and promoted website/service must be in English, no posting in other language than English.
  • The free ads will stay on the site for one year, while Featured Ads will stay on the site for unlimited time.
  • Ads posted in inappropriate categories will be removed.
  • Do not use very long Title (max 2 lines).
  • No inappropriate post titles.
  • Do not use all Capital letter in title and content.
  • No Java scripts, DHTML (Dynamic Html), Pop-Up Code.
  • Banners are OK but DO NOT break the page, max size of 125x125px (25KB) for Free Ads.
  • No posting URLs in the thread title.
  • No copying other user’s Ads.
  • Ads posted without valid link (working url) or contact information will be removed.
  • No links to inappropriate sites.
  • No foul, obscene, offensive, tasteless or otherwise inappropriate language in your Ads.
  • No adult, nudity, sexually offensive or pornographic text/ images/ photos/ video/ audio and prostitue/escort services will be tolerated.
  • No Warez, Trojan Horse, Robot, Phishing.
  • No links can be used for ZIP, EXE, PDF, or other types.
  • You may not post content that is defamatory, threatening, harassing, abusive, racist, discriminating or otherwise objectionable.
  • Post containing illegal material or promoting products and/or services deemed to be illegal or unethical are not allowed
  • You should not post content which may contain materials protected by copyright, trademark and intellectual property laws.
  • No Ads that contain false, deceptive, misleading or deceitful materials will be tolerated.
  • No gambling sites, casinos, pay day loan, and money pyramide scheme sites.
  • No slanderous comments.
  • We reserve the right to edit, delete or move your website submission to the proper category whenever deemed necessary at our sole discretion.

Please pay attention on these DUPLICATE ADS guidelines:

  • Ads that are duplicate or similar (in title, description or link – especially for affiliate links) are only allowed once a week, although posted by different user or different category. If there is an existing similar ad for that week, the later ads will be removed. The week is started on Monday (GMT-8.00) Pacific Time. So, do not post similar ads everyday!
  • Only1 submissions per IP address are allowed per 24 hours (with duplicate ads rules still apply). If you submit more than one ads within 24 hours, the next ad will be flagged as spam automatically.
  • Repeatedly post the same or similar content or website link or otherwise post an unreasonable or disproportionately large load on our listings is also not allowed.

Ad posts that do not comply with the above rules will be removed at our sole discretion. is not responsible for all Ads posted by the Users. All transaction resulted by the promotion in is own responsibility of the Users and at User’s own risks. Administrator try to control the posted Ads from time to time, however we cannot guarantee that all Ads in this website comply with the Posting Rules. Cooperation from all Users is highly appreciated to maintain a pleasant experience promoting in  Please feel free to report of any abuse in this site by sending email to us in Contact Us link.

We review and update this Posting Rules regularly and make amendment when necessary. Please check this regularly to ensure your Ads comply with our posting guidelines.

The other terms and conditions of using are described in Term of Use.

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