Word to Kindle: Secret Shortcuts

Word to Kindle: Secret Shortcuts

Drive for Show, Putt for DoughAllow me to compare the game of KDP publishing to the game of golf. I’m assuming that you are no Tiger Woods or Phil Michelson in this KDP game, if you are checking out this humble book of mine. Amateurs search for miraculous drives that send them to stardom — you know, like writing a bestseller someday that begets a big fortune. But the pros know that the money shots are in the short game. Ask any PGA pro what he wants most, the answer is always guaranteed to be the Tiger or Phil’s short game.If your Amazon royalty income pace is better than my ,000-a-month, hats off to you and you can probably teach me a thing or two, instead of the other way around. But for the many of you whose income pace on Amazon is

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